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      WHAT M4 IS

      Where this idea come from?

      For more than 5 years I wanted to do something that allowed me to communicate with the people
      that didn't know me. Who I am, and how I am. I was born in Puerto Rico. Proud of my
      culture I created this line that reflects our personality. We are fun, like fun stuff,
      bright colors, adventure and commitment.

      But inside of the field I always have in my mind to win and have fun doing what I love.
      It’s having the Discipline what forces me to train, the Strength that allows me to fight
      and the Courage that leads me to victories.

      That’s the idea: to motivate people to do what they love the most. For that particular reason,
      the M4 brand was born. Unlike the first collection, made for my Foundation 4 and tailored to be more
      serious and functional, the second collection comes from within me, from the game I love. It’s fun,
      with bright colors and adventurous. And this one is going to be here, at my second home, the Busch Stadium.

      Why is it called M4?

      Because it’s adaptable, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate, it’s my brand.

      Which are the brand elements?

      M4, the Diamond, my birth year 1982, the baseball field, the history of the last out
      in a game. La Ponde it’s my kids days, my joy with the neighborhood kids.
      Kuilan is the baseball park at my front yard, where I grew up and have lots of stories to tell.

      And the star, because all of us are stars.